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Raymond West supplies high quality e-commerce equipment for warehouse and distribution operations.

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Streamlined packing and shipping are essential for successful e-commerce operations. Having the right equipment can streamline processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure accurate order fulfillment. Raymond West provides a diverse selection of warehouse and e-commerce equipment and can aid with nearly any e-commerce organization.

Work Benches

Work benches are versatile stations where employees can efficiently prepare and pack orders for shipment. These benches provide a dedicated space for assembling and organizing packages, ensuring a smooth packing process. Work benches are often fitted with storage shelves and drawers, enabling easy access to packing supplies and materials. By providing a well-organized and ergonomic workspace, work benches contribute to increased order accuracy and productivity.

Postal and Shipping Scales

Precise weighing is essential for determining shipping costs and ensuring correct documentation. Scales designed specifically for e-commerce operations provide correct weight measurements for packages, helping businesses determine shipping fees and avoid expensive miscalculations. Whether using stand-alone scales or integrating them into work benches, scales are indispensable for e-commerce operations that require accurate weight measurements.

Carton Sealers

Box tapers, also referred to as carton sealers, automate the process of securely sealing packages. These machines apply adhesive tape to the top and bottom of boxes, ensuring packages are securely sealed for transport. By removing the need for manual tape application, carton sealers enhance efficiency and lower the risk of inconsistent sealing. They can be modified to accommodate different box dimensions, making them useful for a variety of packaging needs.

Shipping Label Equipment

Shipping label equipment, such as label printers and applicators, optimize the process of generating and applying shipping labels. Label printers create high-quality labels that have important shipping details, such as addresses and tracking numbers. Label applicators automate the process of applying labels onto packages, ensuring accurate placement and saving time. This equipment helps businesses ensure efficient labeling processes, reducing errors and enhancing package traceability.

Dimensioning Equipment

Dimensioning equipment, such as dimensioning scales or scanners, accurately measure the dimensions of packages. This information is vital for calculating shipping costs and guaranteeing compliance with carrier size constraints. Dimensioning equipment can be integrated with other systems, such as conveyors or scales, to automate the calculation of dimensional weight. By capturing exact package dimensions, businesses can mitigate unexpected shipping expenses and improve packaging strategies.

Poly Bag Equipment

Poly bag systems are utilized for packaging products in light and flexible poly bags. This equipment includes poly bag poly bagging machines. Poly bag sealers create airtight seals on poly bags, guaranteeing product protection during shipping. Poly bagging machines automate the process of placing products into poly bags and sealing them. Poly bag equipment allows for efficient packaging and protects products from damage during transit.

Shrink Wrap Machines

Shrink wrap machines use heat to firmly enclose packages in plastic film, providing additional protection during shipping. These machines create a secure, tamper-evident seal around packages of various sizes and shapes. Shrink wrap not only shields goods from damage and moisture but also enhances the overall appearance of packages. By mechanizing the shrink wrap process, businesses can save time and guarantee consistent packaging quality.


Conveyors are an essential part of e-commerce operations, aiding the transport of packages throughout the packaging and shipping process. These systems carry items from one workstation to another, reducing the need for manual handling and enhancing overall efficiency. Conveyors can be customized to fit the layout of the facility and can include features like automatic diverters or barcode scanning. By automating package movement, conveyors enable faster order processing and boost productivity.

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Packing and shipping systems play a critical role in streamlining e-commerce operations. From label equipment, work benches, carton sealers, poly bag equipment, scales, shrink wrap machines, conveyors, and dimensioning tools, investing in the right equipment allows businesses to optimize order fulfillment processes and ensure efficient shipping practices. To find out more about e-commerce equipment options, talk to a Raymond West ecom expert today.

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