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Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are a type of technology that is swiftly growing in popularity within warehouses throughout the world. These robots are designed to move around a warehouse independently, without the need for worker intervention. They have software and sensors installed that let them traverse the premises, locate and retrieve things, and transport them to their destination.

Autonomous Mobile Robot Benefits

A primary advantage of implementing AMRs in distribution centers is the increased productivity they are able to contribute. By automating duties like material handling and transportation, AMRs will significantly limit the time and labor necessary to complete these jobs. This can result in quicker order processing and transport times, in addition to lesser fees for labor.

Another advantage of AMRs is their continual hours of operation, without the requirement for breaks or rest. This allows distribution centers to elevate their throughput and efficiency, as the AMRs can operate constantly without experiencing fatigue.

AMRs also can increase safety in warehouses, because they are equipped with software and sensors that allow them to avert collisions with different people and objects. This can lessen the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace, which is particularly critical in environments where heavy lifting and other physically demanding tasks are common.

Types Of AMRs

There are a selection of assorted sorts of AMRs that can be obtained on the market, each engineered for particular environments and jobs. Some of the most common implementations of AMRs encompass:

  • Order Picking AMRs: AMRs are available in a wide collection of styles that attempt to cut down on picking-related travel time. Using AMRs to move goods to the picker eliminates travel time for hourly employees and can be significant relative to efficiency and cost.
  • Sortation AMRs: Sortation can benefit substantially from implementing autonomous mobile robots. Varying kinds of AMRs include an assortment of handling equipment. They can be equipped with anything from cross belt systems to tilt trays, and can be helpful in returns handling, e-com fulfillment, and high speed parcel sortation.
  • Inventory AMRs: Modern order fulfillment is dependant on having precise, transparent inventory visibility—understanding where the product is inside the warehouse, distribution center, and entire supply chain. However, arranging inventory movement and reconciliation can be demanding and time-consuming for very large and complex operations. AMRs that are integrated directly with an inventory structure can exceptionally limit the time and expenses needed to maintain maximum effectiveness and order accuracy.

AMR Implementation

Deploying AMRs in a material handling facility requires careful forethought and consideration. It is critical to attentively examine the tasks that that AMRs will need to complete, and ensure that they are outfitted with the correct software and sensors to handle these duties effectively. It is likewise necessary to account for the layout of the material handling facility and the possible impact on different systems and processes, such as the material handling and storage systems.

A obstacle of deploying AMRs is integrating them with current processes and systems. AMRs frequently need to be connected to warehouse management systems (WMS) and other computer systems in order to work well. This can take substantial effort and materials, and could mean the creation of proprietary software or incorporation with third-party systems.

Another difficulty is the need for recurring support and maintenance. AMRs need consistent maintenance and software updates in order to go on functioning properly, and it is necessary to develop a plan to make sure that these duties are finished in a quick and effective way.

Talk To A Warehouse Automation Expert

Overall, autonomous mobile robots can contribute significant benefits to warehouses and distribution centers, such as enhanced productivity, safety, and efficiency. To find out more about configuring and implementing an AMR program, contact a warehouse automation representative at Raymond West today.

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