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A horizontal carousel system is a type of automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) used in distribution centers and warehouses to handle storage and retrieval of materials effectively. It contains a sequence of trays or bins mounted on a rotating carousel, and pick items are moved to the retrieval location, in a “good-to-person” fashion.

The Advantages Of Horizontal Carousels

One distinct benefit of a horizontal carousel system is its tendency to take advantage of storage area. By utilizing a spinning base, the system can store a greater quantity of materials in a small footprint, allowing distribution centers and warehouses to take advantage of the space they have more optimally. This can be most advantageous in implementations in which floor area is finite or expensive.

A second plus of horizontal carousel systems is their efficiency and accuracy. Due to the fact that the picking device can quickly and easily find the desired bin, the system can return articles faster than an employee. This helps material handling facilities reduce the time needed to fill orders, which lends itself to increased productivity and customer gratification.

In addition to these advantages, horizontal carousels may also help distribution centers and warehouses lighten their employment spending. Because the system is computerized, it can operate 24/7 without requiring shifts or breaks. This can help reduce the demand for manual labor, and can be especially useful for distribution centers and warehouses that must output orders on a all day timeframe.

Horizontal Carousel Types

There are a few unique types of horizontal carousel systems out there, each with a few unique conveniences and qualities. A few of the more common types include:

Standard Horizontal Carousel: These “typical” horizontal conveyors are commonly clustered alongside each other into a workstation or pod and used for batch picking applications. The number of systems necessary per workstation is based on throughput expectations. Goods can be collected by either a human employee or a computerized arm.

Put Horizontal Carousel: This kind of ASRS works on the same principle as a put wall, but in place of a wall it contains a carousel of trays. It is frequently used within an operation, or for consolidation.

Robotic Horizontal Carousel: Fully robotic carousels rotate the requested tray to an inserter/extractor, which picks the applicable bin readily. A conveyor delivers the tray to its next step inside the module.

When deciding on a horizontal carousel system for a distribution center or warehouse, it's imperative to closely evaluate the individual needs of the facility. Factors to evaluate include the footprint and layout of the warehouse, the types of wares being kept, and the quantity of orders requiring fulfillment.

Besides the initial price of the system, warehouse operators will also need to evaluate ongoing maintenance and repair expenses. It's crucial to choose a system that is reliable and durable, as stoppages can be expensive in terms of lost productivity and client satisfaction.

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Collectively, horizontal carousel systems are often a worthwhile investment for material handling facilities trying to improve productivity and reduce spending. By automating the retrieval and storage of items, such systems can help facilities increase supply, reduce labor demands, and raise customer satisfaction.

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