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Raymond West is a Valencia warehouse consultant and equipment supplier.

We are backed by one of the best warehouse engineering teams in the West.

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Raymond West offers comprehensive warehouse consulting services. Whether you’re constructing a new warehouse, moving to a different facility or redesigning your existing space, we have a team of consultants dedicated to helping you maximize your warehouse investment through efficiency and productivity gains.

Warehouse Design

Raymond West specializes in comprehensive solutions for material handling operations and can design and source systems for automation, racking, fleet management, WMS, order picking and all your other storage and distribution needs. Together with systems planning, we also offer physical warehouse plans, including CAD design of racking and automation configurations.

Warehouse Racking Layout

San Fernando Valley warehouse real estate prices are at an all-time premium, so it’s a good idea to maximize storage density in every way possible. Our warehouse design team can devise highly efficient racking solutions, leveraging every cubic foot in your space while still allowing an extremely productive and high throughput operation.

Warehouse Permitting

Engaging with county or city governments can sometimes be a confusing and baffling process, in particular when it comes to compliance with fire sprinkler, seismic and other code requirements. Our team is proficient in managing local governments and can be invaluable in your navigation through the permitting and inspection process.

Automation Engineering

When it comes to warehouse automation, Raymond West offers one of the best engineering teams in the Western US. We design and set up AS/RS solutions, conveyor systems, automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems, advanced order picking solutions and much more.

Mezzanine Design

Leveraging the vertical space in your warehouse using a mezzanine system can be an intelligent and cost effective option versus new construction or relocation. Raymond’s consulting team can plan a range of catwalks, mezzanine systems, landings, stairs, platforms and lifts. In addition, we provide installation and fabrication services for any type of industrial platform or mezzanine.

Warehouse Moves

Organizing and implementing a warehouse relocation is often an enormous and nerve-wracking undertaking. Before you start, sit down with Raymond’s warehouse consulting group to discuss timing, logistics and project management.

Warehouse Racking Installation and Removal

When you add racking, Raymond’s installation team can guarantee that the task is completed properly, on-time and in compliance with all local code requirements. If you’re removing or replacing racks, we can also help with tear-down and disposition of your old racks.

Racking Inspection

Per the recommendations of the Rack Manufacturers Institute, all racks need to be thoroughly examined at least once a year. Quarterly or semi-annual inspections are highly recommended, and are a must after a forklift impact or other event that could jeopardize the structural integrity of your pallet racks. Raymond West can conduct one time or periodic inspections, submit documentation and make recommendations on corrective action and repair.

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