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Aug 13, 2020
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Raymond West offers dock plates, dock boards and yard ramps in Long Beach.

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When you are unloading and loading trucks, keeping a safe path for your pallet trucks, forklifts or other equipment is a real concern. Any device that spans the gap between a truck and a loading dock or the ground has to be resilient enough to uphold substantial weight.

There are many options available from many different distributors in Los Angeles County. While dock levelers are a popular choice, portable dock plates, boards and ramps are more affordable and often more versatile choices. In comparison to dock levelers, these pieces of equipment can be freely moved and re-used across different loading dock positions.

Dock Plate

Dock plates are employed to bridge a short distance from one area to another in material handling applications, generally between a dock and a truck. They are constructed as a flat sheet of metal with a small bend, and they often have a vertical safety foot mounted on the lower face that keeps the plate in position during times of use. Dock plates come in either steel or aluminum and can support capacities up to 17,000 pounds. They are generally fabricated with a diamond plate surface for traction.

Dock Board

Dock boards offer a more substantial alternative for bridging gaps and have borders mounted on either side, which add bracing to the board and prevent lift trucks from slipping over the edges. Dock boards come in both steel and lighter weight aluminum varieties. Curbs are either bolted or welded on the sides. In similarity with dock plates, dock boards generally come equipped with a safety foot and are commonly made with a diamond plate surface.

Yard Ramps

A yard ramp is effectively a transportable loading dock. It is a ramp that can be readily moved around a shipping and receiving area to permit pallet trucks and forklifts to climb safely from floor level up to a trailer or container and back. Almost all yard ramps have a height setting mechanism to permit various sizes of containers and trucks.

For buildings that don't have loading docks, yard ramps are essential for unloading and loading goods from trailers and containers. A secondary use is to allow vehicles to drive into a facility from surface level through a loading dock door.

Loading Dock Ramps

A dock to ground ramp is beneficial when you have a need to move small trucks, vans or lift trucks in and out of your building on a routine basis. It's a permanent or semi-permanent ramp which enables vehicle travel from ground level to dock height.

Unlike yard ramps, dock to ground ramps are not configured to be moved around frequently, and are meant as a fixed alternative. There is also no need for an incline adjustment mechanism, as the ramp rests stationary in one position.

Dock Plates, Dock Boards and Dock Ramps in Long Beach

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