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Raymond West is a Los Angeles forklift repair service for all makes and models of lift trucks.

We are backed by one of the largest parts departments in California.

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If you have a high volume storage facility, losing just one lift truck during a shift because of mechanical failure can result in considerable losses in productivity. Incapacitated equipment may also incur latent costs. As an example, you may have an inactive or underutilized operator while your equipment is out-of-service, you may suffer damage to your credibility because of overdue consignments, and you may have to pay overtime to make up for lost time once your fork truck is restored to duty.

While proper truck maintenance does stop most unanticipated truck mechanical failures, at times they are unavoidable.

In situations where you need a lift truck back in service as soon as possible, you don’t have the option to be idle for a full day, or even more than four hours . Raymond West has an on-site interval of right around two hours and we maintain the quickest average dispatch time of any service operation in many regions of California. We can dispatch a technician at a moment’s notice from any of our branches throughout the West.

To get the job done right the first time, our squads of highly trained, authorized technicians are supplied with thoroughly equipped service trucks that have all the tools and parts they need. Other service providers can take twenty-four hours or more to arrive at your facility, diagnose a mechanical problem and repair a vehicle. Our specialists can often achieve the same thing inside of just a few hours of your service request.

Raymond West has more than 4,000 parts in stock and more than 100,000 part numbers available for all manufacturers and models of forklifts. We supply parts for most major brands and feature one of the most comprehensive parts departments in Southern California.

Scheduled Forklift Service

Regular maintenance of your trucks is crucial when you want to maximize your uptime and efficiency. To help you prevent equipment problems, our programmed service agreement includes routine examination and service of your lift trucks. You get all of the crucial inspections and service required for your forklifts from Raymond’s squad of highly qualified specialists . For operational efficiency, you can keep your fork trucks working when you need them and schedule service during off-peak periods based on your own schedule.

Comprehensive Forklift Maintenance

For one fixed monthly rate, our total forklift maintenance plan incorporates all scheduled maintenance, labor and parts. The benefit is that beyond preventative planned maintenance, all parts and labor for mechanical failures are covered as well. An all inclusive plan is typically less than having skilled maintenance workers, and the predetermined monthly charge makes budgeting simple and uniform. Despite the fact that all inclusive terms cost more than planned maintenance, they can be a wise choice for highly utilized fleets, particularly for multiple shift facilities and high throughput distribution centers.

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Call Raymond West today to get more information on forklift service or maintenance plans, or to request equipment repair service. You can speak with a Los Angeles representative by calling 562-944-8067.

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