Partnering with Taylor-Dunn, the leading provider of commercial and industrial vehicle solutions, Raymond West offers a full portfolio of electric, LPG and gas powered utility vehicles, stockchasers and personnel carriers. 

Move People

  • R-380

    The R-380, 2-person electric cart is a versatile option for moving people or goods.

  • SS-536

    Transportation for one or two, this 24-volt electric cart is the perfect solution for transporting key personnel.

  • Bt280


    The BT-280 has a seating capacity of 8 people and is designed to tow personnel trailers to transport up to 30.

Carry Cargo

  • G-100 Utility Vehicle

    The G-100 outdoor gasoline powered vehicle is perfect for maintenance experts in a variety of industries.

  • SC-100 Stockchaser

    SC-100 Stockchaser

    The highly maneuverable, narrow-aisle SC-100 stockchaser makes it easier for the operator to pick and transport stock.

  • Bigfoot XL

    Bigfoot XL Utility Vehicle

    With its heavier payload and towing capaciy the Bigfoot XL utility vehicle is a practical solution for you operation..

Tow Loads

  • High Capacity Burden Carrier

    High Capacity

    Heavy duty tow tractors for your high capacity needs.

  • TT-416 Tug

    Medium Capacity

    We offer a wide array of medium capacity tow tractors built for maximum maneuverability with a compact design.

  • C-432 Tow Tractor

    Light Capacity

    Sit-down, one-person electric tow tractors with a tight turning radius for small spaces.

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