• 500-346 Personnel Carrier

    Taylor-Dunn | Personnel Carriers

    Taylor-Dunn personnel carriers provide a safe and cost-effective transportation solution. Durable and reliable, these personnel carriers are built to high standards that ensure long-lasting performance. Built-in safety features ensure the safety of the people and equipment both in and outside the vehicle.

The Safe, Cost-Effective Transportation Solution

Taylor-Dunn R-380 Personnel Carrier


The R-380 2-person electric cart is a versatile option for moving people or goods.

Tayllor-Dunn SS-534 Personnel Carrier


The 3-wheel design of the one-person, 24-volt SS-534 allows for tight turns in narrow spaces.

SS-536 Personnel Carrier


The SS-536 provides transport for up to 2 executives, security or maintenance personnel.

Taylor-Dunn Personnel Carrier SS-546


The SS-546 is the perfect 2-person option for transporting executives, security and personnel.

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