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Taylor-Dunn is a top manufacturer of battery-powered vehicles engineered for use in various industrial and commercial settings. In a typical manufacturing facility or warehouse, Taylor-Dunn vehicles are utilized in various jobs. For instance, tuggers can be used to transfer heavy cargo between one part of a building to another, while stockchasers can be used to retrieve individual products from shelving units or storage racks.

Such vehicles are widely utilized in storage facilities and production plants, providing numerous benefits when it comes to efficiency, security, and environmental sustainability.

Tow Tractors

Tow tractors are among the most popular EVs in storage facilities and production environments. These compact electric-powered vehicles are made to haul heavy weight, such as carts, trailers, and pallets. With their low profile and narrow turning radius, tow tractors are ideal for navigating cramped spaces and narrow aisles. Furthermore, they are extremely maneuverable, making them well-suited for tasks that require regular starts and stops.


Another style of Taylor-Dunn product is the stockchaser. These compact electrically-powered vehicles are uniquely engineered for lighter duty jobs such as line feed or picking. They are especially easy to maneuver and productive when it comes to relocating products and supplies over short distances. Thanks to their compact form-factor and tight turning radius, stockchasers are ideal for working in narrow aisles or areas where there is restricted space.

Utility Vehicles

Industrial utility vehicles are extensively used in warehouses and manufacturing applications. These vehicles are intended for transporting goods and machinery over longer travel areas inside sizable facilities or between different buildings. In comparison to stockchasers or tow tractors, industrial utility vehicles are usually larger and more powerful, and can be equipped with diverse accessories such as storage boxes and platforms.

Personnel Carriers

Personnel vehicles are a further noteworthy category of Taylor-Dunn vehicles. Such vehicles are built to move workers and managers across a warehouse or manufacturing facility. They are frequently larger and more comfortable than other types of industrial vehicles, and are able to be equipped with a range of safety features, like seat belts and roll cages. These vehicles are highly maneuverable, and as such they are well-suited to jobs that necessitate frequent stops and starts.

Commercial Electric Vehicle Benefits

One of the main advantages of Taylor-Dunn vehicles is their environmental friendliness. Because they are electric-powered, they produce zero emissions and don’t require much maintenance. This makes them an ideal option for companies that are committed to reducing their carbon byproducts and minimizing their effect on the environment. In addition, electric vehicles are usually quieter than their fossil fuel counterparts, which helps to reduce noise pollution and benefit the overall workplace atmosphere.

Raymond West Is Your Local Taylor Dunn Dealer

Taylor Dunn electric vehicles are perfect for warehouse and manufacturing operations. Whether you need to haul heavy loads, transport workers and equipment, or traverse small areas and constrained aisles, there is a Taylor-Dunn vehicle that is ideal to your needs. To learn more about Taylor-Dunn, reach out to an electric vehicle professional at Raymond West now.

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