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Throughout Arizona, warehouse space is costly and scarce. We offer a series of narrow aisle reach forklift options well suited for warehouses where space maximization is critical. The wheel base of a reach lift truck is just like a standard forklift, but the frame is smaller sized, which allows a tighter turning radius and enhanced maneuverability for narrower aisles.

Reach trucks are special purpose vehicles that are not useful for everyday warehouse operations. More specifically, general dock jobs like unloading and loading trucks or case picking aren’t the right use for a reach forklift. Neither are VNA racking configurations that don’t permit right angle stacking. However, for most tight aisle designs reach lift trucks are the ideal choice.

Reach Lift Truck

Raymond’s 7000 series has options for almost every use case:

  • The 24 volt Raymond 7200 Reach Fork Truck is engineered with smaller battery compartment dimensions, providing lower energy expenditures and narrower aisles.
  • The 36 volt Raymond 7300 Reach Fork Truck is engineered for reduced capacity, high throughput uses. With battery bays between 14-21”, this truck is optimized for versatility and efficiency.
  • The Raymond 7500 Universal Stance Reach Truck increases your selectivity and total efficiency. It’s unobstructed view mast provides exceptional visibility when in use, and it’s well suited for high rack scenarios.
  • Raymond’s 7500 Dock Stance Reach Truck is great for loading dock areas and applications with minimal lift heights and shorter travel distances.
  • The Raymond 7700 Sit/Stand Reach Truck is ideal for lengthy transport distances and it offers superior ergonomic comfort for drivers. The reach truck controls are engineered with safety and daily usage in mind.
  • Raymond’s 7310 4-Directional Reach Truck puts an end to the requirement for 90 degree turns and is well suited for long payload processing.
All 7000 series trucks have an optional pantograph option. Pantograph reach trucks have a scissor mechanism to push the forks forward. Pantographs are put to use for double deep racking designs where two pallets can be deposited in each row.

Raymond is one of the world’s best reach truck producers, and is one of the most trusted reach truck brands in the material handling industry.

Reach Truck Rental

Raymond maintains a fleet of rentals with hundreds of forklifts available at any time. Our rental department features high quality lift trucks for both short and extended term rental needs. Our rental inventory is consistently refreshed with new equipment that is maintained in accordance with rigorous manufacturer’s standards. Every lift truck is renewed by a Raymond Certified Technician and quality inspected by our head technician to ensure that it is in top condition when it arrives on site.

Used Reach Truck Options

Raymond provides several options for used reach forklifts through our Raymond ReNewed program. Every pre-owned forklift is meticulously inspected and restored to factory specifications. For customers on a budget, we offer our Value plan with a 30 day guarantee and a minimum of 60% useful life remaining on wheels and tires. Our Performance option stretches the buy back guarantee to 60 days, offers a refurbished aesthetic and guarantees at least 80% of useful life on the wheels and tires. Finally, our Premium plan offers fully repainted lift trucks with brand new tires and wheels and a 90 day guarantee.

Reach Lift Rental, Leasing & Sales in Tucson

If you are considering the purchase of reach trucks, you can speak with a professional at Raymond West Inc by calling (520) 729-4222. We are among the largest reach truck suppliers in the West, offering new and used reach trucks, along with service, repair and parts.

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