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Raymond West supplies and services dock doors in Valencia, CA.

We are backed by one of the largest service and parts operations in California.

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Warehouse dock doors are subject to far more daily use than your average overhead door. For many loading dock applications, many industrial doors may open and close constantly throughout the day, causing extreme stress on tracks, rollers, springs, cables, panels and other door components. Due to this constant use, loading dock doors require regular maintenance.

Forklifts and pallet trucks are often in close proximity to dock doors, and doors are occasionally struck by mismanaged equipment. Even a slight forklift impact can in some cases knock an overhead door off its tracks or possibly even damage it beyond repair.

A damaged or jammed door can threaten your warehouse security if it’s jammed open or can’t be properly secured. An open door can also waste energy and subject products to rodent and weather damage.

It’s important to leave door repair to qualified technicians, because damaged doors can be a significant safety hazard. Heavy doors and rollers can quickly shatter or detach fingers, and high tension torsion springs can cause serious injury or even death. It’s also advisable to clear the area under a broken door of workers and products, as doors that go off their tracks can fall suddenly.

Dock and Door Experts

Loading dock door sales and service is Raymond West’ specialty. We sell, install, repair and maintain all types of dock and warehouse doors.

  • With 400 dock and door experts and 19 offices, we serve all of California and have an expert near you.
  • Our specialists understand all dock equipment, interlock systems, and other warehouse systems that most other service businesses don’t have experience with.
  • Raymond West’ vans carry common parts and all the tools required for almost all dock and door repairs.
  • Raymond West is among the largest parts suppliers in California, and we stock parts for all brands of loading dock doors and other loading dock systems.

High Speed Door

For high throughput, climate controlled or energy saving buildings, Raymond offers a variety of high speed roll up doors in many different base materials for applications ranging from industrial to clean room use. Whether you’re looking for interior or outdoor installation, we offer high performance doors made of rubber, high strength fabric or metal for all kinds of applications.

Our high performance door control systems shorten cycles, reduce air exchange and feature effortless, intuitive operatbility for your workers. With safeguards like LED traffic alerts and emergency egress options, we supply some of the most advanced high performance door solutions on the market.

Valencia Warehouse Door Repair

Raymond West is not a “garage door” business. Our expertise is in DC, warehouse and industrial doors, and all of our specialists are trained to repair many different types of material handling equipment and systems.

  • Raymond West offers one of the most knowledgeable teams of warehouse technicians in the industry.
  • 24 hour emergency service is available.
  • Average on-site time is about 2 hours from first call.

If you need door maintenance, repair, installation or advice, give Raymond a call today!

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