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Energy efficiency guidelines and "green" technology adoption are generating extraordinary demand in the international electric battery industry.

While this rise in interest is fostering new R & D in power storage innovation, lead acid battery tech is still the de facto choice for the majority of commercial uses, including fork lifts.

Though lead acid battery varieties have a bit less power density than a number of the more advanced types of batteries, they manage to sustain a consistent voltage as they are depleted, they can function over a vast range of temperature levels and they may be faithfully recharged/ emptied over hundreds of cycles.

The surge in worldwide battery orders has also precipitated sharp cost surges over the last several years. Greater battery prices mean that improving your fork lift battery life can have a meaningful impact on your profitability.

Management and cleaning of batteries has a clear effect on their useful hours of service, so a minimal purchase of premium battery handling tools can produce real savings in the future.

Raymond West provides a comprehensive line of battery handling accessories from leading brands:

Battery Chargers

We offer both new and pre-owned industrial battery chargers for all types of operations from single shift, standard use distribution centers to around the clock, maximum use enterprises. Inquire about our charger and battery rental and lease options.

Battery Carriages & Carts

Lift truck battery transfer carts enable employees to safely extract and switch out lift truck batteries that are designed for side-extraction. Raymond provides power controlled systems for heavy use programs and manual control solutions for less use-intensive operations.

Battery Extractors

Fork lift battery extractors are required hardware for any material handling enterprise that demands recurring battery change-outs.

Battery Stands

Save space and safeguard your battery assets with charger stands and battery stands. We provide a comprehensive assortment of choices and can individualize systems for your individual needs.

Battery Hoist

We provide a wide array of battery hoist choices based on battery sizes, regularity of utilization and facility setup.

Battery Beam

Raymond provides battery hoisting beams using insulated construction and adaptable hook locations. Beams offer an efficient and practical way to manage heavy industrial fork lift batteries.

Battery Crane

Raymond's gantry crane options are ideal for upward battery extrication uses. We offer a wide array of beam lengths, heights and capacities.

Battery Wash Equipment

Battery wash stations lower terminal and cable corrosion, extend the life of batteries, cut down on fork truck electrical power issues, and assist in compliance with environmental guidelines.

Battery Watering Systems

Raymond offers complete battery watering solutions along with individual components, from storage tanks and deionization appliances to watering guns and valves.

Battery Room

Battery rooms should certainly be installed with adequate ventilation systems, proper floor covering, wash stations, basic safety resources and all needed battery handling devices. Our people can help to lay out your facility and provide all battery handling resources for your company.

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