• The Next Generation of Automation

    Advances in robotics and automation continue to define our daily routine – both at work and at home. Although attention is usually placed on electronics and mobile computing, significant innovations are continually being developed for material handling and logistics. Raymond is committed to providing the automated solutions you need to optimize your warehousing and distribution operations in the years ahead.

Flexibility. Scalability. Profitability.

In the majority of material handling applications, trucks and their operators work hand-in-hand. But what if there were a better way? Imagine the impact on productivity if operators could focus on higher value-added tasks while their trucks took care of all the routine, repetitive jobs—independently and automatically. With a single operator able to control multiple vehicles, you can multiply the impact of your workforce—and your trucks—without adding to your labor costs. That’s the advantage of Raymond Automated Lift Trucks (ALTs).

  • automated forklift

    Easy implementation and adaptation with none of the costly, inflexible infrastructure requirements of traditional automated systems

  • automated lift truck

    Simple to use with an intuitive operator interface that allows for quick and easy route teaching and truck dispatching

  • automated guided vechile

    Real-time fleet management with the web-based Supervisor software that offers greater enterprise-wide control

Raymond Automated Lift Trucks

We’ve taken our industry-leading pallet truck and tow tractor designs and engineered them for manual or automated operation. This hybrid design gives operators the flexibility to program the truck to run on its own, or operate it manually as a traditional lift truck. It’s like getting the best of both worlds in a world-class vehicle that can work the way you want for maximum productivity.

  • Raymond Courier Automated Pallet Truck
  • Raymond Courier Automated Tow Tractor
  • Center Rider Pallet Truck

    Durably constructed with a heavy-duty undercarriage featuring ductile iron components and a capacity up to 8,000 lbs. Ideal for putaways, long hauls, cross-docking, and staging loads.

  • Tow Tractor

    A sturdy workhorse engineered to tow carts with a capacity of up to 10,000 lbs. Simplifies batch-picking, parts-to-line, and cart applications.

As space gets more confined and labor costs continue to rise, we’re committed to providing the automated solutions you need to improve warehousing operations in the years ahead. If you want a long-term investment that can optimize resources and maximize productivity, the easy choice just became the automatic choice: Raymond Automated Lift Trucks.

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