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As an end-to-end warehouse solutions provider, we supply the tools you need to keep your facility safe and your employees and customers healthy. Our solutions help you take preventive measures during COVID-19 and position your facility to respond to future outbreaks, even if it just Cold and Flu season. Your actions today can build consumer and employee confidence that lasts far beyond this crisis. 

  • Stop Infectious Diseases at the Door

    Identify individuals who may be carrying infectious illnesses before they make further contact with your employees and customers. This discreat, non-invasive thermal imaging system sends a "real time" alert to your team when someone with a high body temperature enters the camera's view.

    + Fast screening without personal contact
    + Accurate temperature monitoring.
    + Long-distance rapid screening up to 15'.
    + Monitors multiple people at the same time.

Support Public Health Initiatives

  • partition

    Plexiglass Partitions and Structures

    To keep your operation safe, we offer many options for permanent or temporary partitions and structures to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19 and other illnesses.

  • Covid Sign

    Social Distancing Signage

    Use signage to clearly indentify the appropriate action employees and customers should take. Each of these tools are made from resilient materal to withstand the elements.

  • Floor Decal

    Social Distancing Decals

    Support Public Health Initiatives by using visual cues to denote traffic patterns and social distancing. These floor decals are made of durable material to withstand even the heaviest traffic.

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