COVID-19 Tips for a Healthy Operation

We know that these unprecented times present all of us with daily personal and business challenges. It is our hope that by providing COVID -19 tips and resources, we can help you find solutions to keep your people, place and process safe and running smoothly.

Here are some recommendations to adapt your warehouse for social distancing:

  • Designate 6-foot Work Areas
  • Redesign Warehouse Traffic Flow
  • Use Visual Cues
  • Modify Your Picking Strategy
  • Integrate Tool Sanitation Workstations
  • Create "Touch Free" Order Consolidation
  • Implement Zero Interaction Order Delivery
  • Operate Multiple Shifts and Schedule Breaks

Workplace Social Distancing

  • Distancing

    Clearly Mark Designated Work Areas

  • Covid Sign

    Establish Tool and Hand Sanitation Stations

  • Masks

    Mandate Masks In Common Areas

  • Timeclock

    Operate Multiple Shifts and Schedule Breaks

  • Social Distancing Floor Decal

    Use Visual Tools To Mark Traffic Flow

  • Order Delivery

    Implement Curbside Pickup and Order Delivery

Kardex Remstar Whitepapers

  • ASRS social distancing

    Implementing ASRS to Support Social Distance

    Automated storage and retrieval systems are a great solution to accommodate the CDC recommendation of workplace social distancing. ASRS allow for assigned work zones, reduced labor requirements and zero interaction.

  • 545x315 Making Space VLM

    Making Space for Social Distancing

    With the challenges of COVID-19, companies find themselves squeezed for space. To keep workers safe and operations running, operations are implementing automation to free up floor space for social distancing.

  • True Cost of Labor

    Calculating the True Cost of Labor

    Discover how implementing automated, dynamic storage and retrieval systems can positively impact labor productivity and profits in three areas: reduced labor costs, improved throughput and decreased liability.

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