What are automated lift trucks

What are automated lift trucks?

Jan 02, 2020
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Raymond took the pallet truck and tow tractor designs and engineered them for both manual and automated operation. This hybrid design gives operators the flexibility to program the truck to run on its own, or to operate it manually as a traditional lift truck.

Does Raymond offer automated lift trucks?

Does Raymond offer automated lift trucks?

Yes, Raymond offers three models of Automated Lift Trucks (also known as Automated Guided Vehicles): Model 3030 Raymond Courier Automated Stacker, Model 3020 Raymond Courier Tow Tractor and Model 3010 Raymond Courier Pallet Truck. One operator can manage multiple trucks at one time while working on other tasks. The couriers can work in tandem with your existing fleet expanding the fleet's capacity for operational growth. The Raymond Couriers are engineered to offer a hybrid design so they can be operated manually, working like a traditional lift truck or automatically, running on their own.

How does an automated lift truck know where to go?

Operators program the automated lift trucks which captures odometric data as well as digital images with a multi-head camera. The ALT uses the data and images to replicate routes when it is in automated mode. ALTs remember turn locations, speed changes, and where to stop to unload.

What is the best use for automated lift trucks? 

Alts are designed to handle repetitive, horizontal transport tasks. They are excellent for long hauls, cross-docking and dock-to-aisle put-away operations. Since 74% of the expense of owning a lift truck is due to labor costs, Raymond Couriers offer a cost-effective, automated solution to optimize resources.

What happens if someone or something gets in the path of an automated forklift while it’s in motion?

The Raymond Couriers are equipped with two sensors that detect objects in its path.

·       The Primary Obstruction Sensor detects obstacles in a truck’s path and reacts in two stages:

o   Stage 1 – the truck slows down

o   Stage 2 – the truck stops until the obstacle is removed

·       The Secondary Obstruction Sensor creates a curtain of light around the front of the Courier that stops the truck if it detects elevated obstacles.

How much does an automated lift truck cost?

While ALTs can be more expensive than a traditional lift truck, the return on investment with is often higher when truck and labor costs are taken in to consideration.

How do I program an automated forklift?

To program an ALT, an operator simply drives the lift truck while in a “learn” setting. The camera will then record the images for visual reference. Other parts of the system will record steer angle, wheel rotation, speeds, turns and stops. The software will then convert this data into a travel path that an operator can set for the truck to replicate.